Course Price.

€3,000 – €11,000


Depends on previous experience.

Just Sailing Yachtmaster™ Swift Professional Training Academy

The RYA Yachtmaster™ Offshore and Ocean qualifications are proof of personal competence, diligence, rigour and achievement. They are one of the most respected and recognised sailing qualification in the world.

Our Yachtmaster Swift courses help you to achieve these qualifications. During your time with us we will visit different locations giving the widest possible experience. We aim to introduce you to Captains and crew already working in the industry and takes you through every practical and theoretical step with professionals who have the utmost respect within the industry. The practical elements of the Yachtmaster Swift course are of the highest quality and it enables a very high ratio of experience building compared to other providers with no more than 4 participants on each of our courses.

Just Sailing Yachtmaster SWIFT is divided into three achievable modules that will bring you to a point of confidence and competence.

Just Sailing Yachtmaster Swift Course Progress Module 1 ImageMODULE ONE

Duration Depends on previous experience

Location Northern Italy and South of France

Settle in and let’s go sailing:

Everything will be new to you and of course you will be new to us. We begin settling you into your new home, the yacht. ‘No Rehearsal’ is a Bowman 40, designed to cope with any conditions, robust, safe, comfortable, a true classic and a great yacht for learning.

Yachtmaster™ Offshore exam looms, so we had better go sailing, off we go. Foundations are really important so we begin with the basics ensuring everyone signs from the same hymn sheet whilst balancing different crew skill levels. Get this right and you are set.  We move to the classroom for the next stage, Day Skipper Theory. This again lays the foundation for the more advanced theoretical navigation course to come.

You will be a little tired by now and deserve some down time so the following day is free to explore Genoa and chill out.

Back out to sea again. These weeks we consolidate the learning and gain more experience. We will sail towards the South Coast of France visiting wonderful ports, harbours and anchorages on our way. Each of you will take turns being Skipper, looking at weather, planning the day, being responsible always under the watchful and helpful guidance of your Instructor.

Our planned destination is the beautiful anchorage in the bay of Villefranche. Just one mile from Monaco and a 10 minute train ride to Antibes, we aim to set aside time in Antibes for you to meet Captains and First Officers of some of the largest yachts in the world, also we have a presentation from a major Crew Recruitment Agency to inform you and help develop your CV for the future. In addition you get a day off to explore Antibes, its fantastic market and numerous bars and restaurants. We leave the following day back to Genoa visiting different location along the way and experiencing your first night sail.

Upon return you will deserve two days off to relax and chill out.

After a day of yacht cleaning and general maintenance we move to the classroom to complete the Day Skipper Theory Study and exam. After successful completion, the next few days are at sea completing the Day Skipper Practical element of the course.


Just Sailing Yachtmaster Swift Course Progress Module 2 ImageMODULE TWO

Duration Depends on previous experience
Location UK

You fly to the UK (How exciting!!) and move onto the next phase.

The next few weeks is spent achieving your STCW and tidal masterclass. If not already achieved you will spend a week studying for your RYA Yachtmaster™ Theory exam.


  • MCA STCW 95 Elementary First Aid
  • MCA STCW 95 Personal Survival Techniques
  • MCA STCW 95 Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • MCA STCW 95 Proficiency Designated Security Duties
  • STCW95 Fire Fighting Reg VI/1 Section A-VI/1 para 2.1.2

We also include STCW Security Awareness.

Just Sailing RYA Yachtmaster Swift Course Progress Module 3 ImageMODULE THREE

Duration 2 weeks
Location Genoa, Northern Italy.

We return to Italy and prepare for your RYA Yachtmaster™ Exam.  Fine tuning sailing skills, navigation and making sure you are fully prepared to take the external examination.

The big day, RYA Yachtmaster™ Practical Exam.

An external Examiner will join us and each candidate will be examined for between 6 and 8 hours. You will be fine!!! You have done the work, studied hard, have all the necessary miles and experience. Just enjoy the exam.