Yachtmaster ‘SWIFT’ Program Launch


Photo of Just Sailing's training yacht 'No Rehearsal' on an RYA Yachtmaster Swift course.

The Professional Yachting Industry is developing faster than nearly any other sector. With more Large, Super and Mega Yachts coming on stream, the demand for experienced, professional and highly qualified crew at all levels is increasing rapidly. Just Sailing have just created the Yachtmaster Swift program an RYA Yachtmaster™  course to cater for this demand.

There are many ‘Crew Placement Agencies’ most of whom will gladly take your money, feed you the dream of Mega money on Mega Yachts and deliver very little, if anything.

Captains and First Officers on these yachts are looking for the ‘Difference Factor’ when recruiting new crew. Just about all Professional and Private Large yacht crew are required to hold their Yachtmaster™ Offshore qualification at basic entry level, even for cleaners!!!

The problem is, there are so many crew chasing the same jobs. Many applicants have done a ‘Fast Track’ Yachtmaster™ around 12 weeks, often called ‘Zero to Hero’. Yes, they have the qualifications but little or no experience of working on big boats. Captains of these Super Yachts tell us that they spend so much time recruiting and when they do, crew turnover is more than it should be.

JUST SAILING is well connected to the Super Yacht Industry. As part of your time with us we arrange for you spend time experiencing work on these wonderful yachts and meet the Captains and First Officers ‘face to face’. Your time to shine. Ask the questions, listen to what they advise, meet the crew, have a beer with them after work and maybe you could be working in the industry quicker than you think!!

The Just Sailing Yactmaster Swift program certainly has the ‘Difference Factor’. Unlike others we divide your time between Italy, The South of France (Cote D’Azure) and the United Kingdom.

Our Yachtmaster Swift course runs as three modules over 16 weeks and takes you to all three locations giving a varied experience that, to our knowledge, is not available on any other RYA Yachtmaster™ course.

Taking a Just Sailing Yachtmaster Swift course will give you all of the tools and knowledge required to book and pass your RYA Yachtmaster™ exam but you will also gain unrivalled practical and theoretical experience during your time with us.