Yachtmaster Swift Students First 10 Days

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JUST SAILING Yacht Master Swift Program. 1si week of sailing from Genoa Italy. Flew to Uk for STCW training, Tidal Masterclass, and passage making on Maud Ellen our new Bavaria 45. Murielle at the helm looking very concentrated

New Students Start Yachtmaster Swift Program

Three students brave the winter weather to commence the Yachtmaster Swift Program.

Corentin, Murielle and Dmitrii started on 12th January this year, after 8 days in Italy we flew to the UK to continue training with the STCW course. They have just finished two days completing the Fire Fighting Element and are all pretty hot but over the moon with the experience. Tomorrow the final element of the STCW, First Aid.

In the evening we drive to Dartmouth and move onto the 45 ft Bavaria Maud Ellen and spend the week exploring the effects of tide and some longer passages including their first night sail.


Murielle and Corentin, both being French are cooking wonderful meals, thank you. Two out of three is not bad, there is still time for a full house!!!

Yachtmaster Swift Program.

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