Course Price.

From €400 per person.


Dependent on Experience.

The ICC is a Certificate of Competence that can be issued to a person who has reached the age of 16 and can operate a pleasure craft. It can be achieved in two ways either:

  • From an existing certificate conversion into an ICC or
  • From a course and examination during which the candidate can learn and practice the necessary competence for pleasure craft operation.

The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is required by most European countries (excluding the UK) as evidence of a basic level of competence. There is actually no internationally agreed competence certificate and it is worth noting that the onus is on you to check the requirements of the state you are visiting. Member states are not obliged to accept the ICC however it is normally widely recognised.

The RYA is authorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) to issue a UK ICC to the nationals of any country EXCEPT a person who is:

  • A national of another UNECE member state which has accepted Resolution 40; AND
  • Resident in another UNECE member state which has accepted Resolution 40, unless the RYA has been given written permission to do so by the Government of the relevant country.

See here for a full list of UNECE countries whose citizens are NOT able to apply for an ICC issued by the RYA.

Within the RYA scheme the ICC falls just below the level of Day Skipper practical. Holders of the RYA Day Skipper (Power or Sail) can apply for the ICC without any further tests. Simply complete the ICC form here – ICC Form

Powerboat Level 2 certificate holders will also be able to apply for the ICC without any further tests however this will only cover power vessels up to 10 metres.

If you do not hold either of the above certificates you will need to carry out a simple test of basic boat handling, navigation ability and knowledge of the Collision Regulations to gain the ICC ticket. Please note this is not a substitute for the RYA Day Skipper.

Option 1 – For students who have equivalent or higher knowledge of the Day Skipper course it is suggested you attend the test over a weekend. We can run this every weekend of the year so please call the office to check availability. Prices start from €400 per person.

Option 2 – For students who have done some crewing or dinghy sailing but have no or limited navigational experience or time in charge of a yacht we would suggest the following package:

Step 1 – Online Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course, this is an online course which introduces navigation and seamanship to the required standard for ICC. To find out more about this course please click here

Step 2– Attend a 5 day practical sailing course, practicing the techniques and manoeuvres required to pass the ICC.

Courses are run all year round so please call the office to check the latest availability.