Course Price.

From €99 per person per day


Dependant on requirement

What’s included:

Use of Yacht

Mooring fees

Bespoke Package:

Training programme designed around your business needs

Set objectives

Specific leadership models tailored to the event


Leadership Development

On board a sailing boat, it’s possible to create many company dynamics due to the environment providing many leadership challenges both for a group and as an individual. The experience is fully inclusive and provides a series of life tests that with deeper understanding can become effective metaphors.

As the maritime environment can change quickly it provides a stimulating event that increases teamwork, motivation and leadership. Due to coexisting in close quarters it builds respect among participants in addition to team spirit, compliance and mutual trust.

Using appreciative facilitation and experiential learning the boat has many metaphors that cross over into the business world.  For example:

  • The boat and its equipment  =  The company, how it works, its possibilities
  • Analysis of sea-weather conditions = The market and ability to anticipate trends
  • The skipper = Leader who guides, motivates and manages a working team
  • Crew’s roles = The importance of corporate roles, responsibility on results and teamwork

Skippering a yacht fully focuses the mind on the task in hand, the team and the individual.  Understanding each of these elements and what motivates everyone will provide the foundations for good leadership.

Sailing activities captivate everyone; it creates expectations, obligates people to know themselves very well and motivates them to learn. It offers everyone an important role, asks for a high sense of responsibility and thoroughly engages to produce immediate results.

In essence the yacht and its surroundings provides un limited experiential learning opportunities to facilitate leadership theories in action. Depending on the business goals a bespoke package of training can be developed. As a minimum the following goals will be established through this training event:

  • Group can act as a team
  • make the best choice under constraints
  • respect roles and recognise leadership
  • adapt quickly to changing situations
  • operate with limited resources
  • strengthen relationships